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The Dictionary of Old English

The Dictionary of Old English defines the first chapter of the English Language.


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The Dictionary of Old English (DOE) defines the vocabulary of the first six centuries (C.E. 600-1150) of the English language, using twenty-first century technology. The DOE complements the Middle English Dictionary (which covers the period C.E. 1100-1500) and the Oxford English Dictionary, the three together providing a full description of the vocabulary of English.

2014 Report

Each year The Dictionary of Old English produces a report on the progress of the Project.

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A sample entry from the Dictionary of Old English

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A-G Dictionary

An essential electronic reference for all scholars of Old and Middle English.


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Old English Corpus

A database consisting of at least one copy of every surviving Old English text.


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Map of where the Dictionary of Old English publications have been distributed electronically.


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