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DOE: A to I is now online!
Based at the University of Toronto, Canada's leading research university, the Dictionary of Old English (DOE) is an international effort to identify and define the vocabulary of the beginnings of the English language (CE 600–1150). A pioneer in the application of technology to lexicography, the DOE has made its scholarship accessible on the Internet and revolutionized how humanities research is done.
The DOE's work would not be possible without the generous financial support of granting agencies, as well as corporations, foundations and many, many individuals. We þanciaþ eow.

To learn more about the DOE including how you may support this project contact:

Robert Getz and Stephen Pelle
Editors, Dictionary of Old English
Assistant Professors of Medieval Studies
University of Toronto
Eli Clarke
Senior Development Officer
Legacy and Leadership Giving Faculty of Arts & Science
University of Toronto

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